The Search for Something Else...

Angelo Keely founded Something Else in 2012 as the fulfillment of a long-held dream to create an organization dedicated to helping people and businesses be more creative.

Our team has worked with Apple, Google, top-performing financial firms, healthcare companies, cutting-edge advertising agency leaders, and troubled youth to tap their innate creativity, execute at previously unthinkable levels, and communicate with clarity. 



Our mission is: to help people and organizations be more creative—that is, to be more innovative and to make more of what they want happen in the world.

We use experiential methods to teach people to generate more unique ideas, see many perspectives at once, clarify their ideas and needs, utilize actionable plans and methods, and ultimately manifest their dreams and visions.

Our Core Values are : Fun, Laughter, Rawness, Candor, Consistency, Reliability, Ambition, Integrity, Purpose



About Our Founder

Angelo Headshot

Angelo is passionate about helping organizations grow as fast and intelligently as possible. 

He's been Apple India's Lead Mentor Trainer for creative softwares, led and grown a multi-million dollar healthcare company, managed teams as large as 60 people, co-founded the French campus of an American university, and developed the American branch of one of Sweden's top software development firms.  

If you want to know the really interesting stuff though, ask him how he managed being college valedictorian with a degree in Religious Studies, became a fluent polyglot after only starting foreign language study at age 22, or initially started his career as a professional beatboxer. (Definitely ask about the beatboxing. It's really cool.)

He's also always thrilled to talk about his beloved wife, two children, and beautiful life in Boulder, Colorado.