CYL is a course offered in multiple formats: two day group workshop, eight-week group course, or private 1:1 sessions. The content of the courses covers the following:

The heart of the course is learning and implementing the creative loop.

To do this, you need to first uncover emotional blocks and clarify your life purpose and core values.


The course accomplishes this through:

  • Guided experiential activities

  • Creative exercise and visual representations

  • Role playing

  • Mind mapping

  • Strategic blocking methods



You are the locus of power in your life so long as you decide to be. And you create your life to the extent that you accept responsibility for your experience and claim your power to decide what you want and make it happen. Thus, the first step in creating your life is to examine where you don't think this is possible and to actively correct these misconceptions. Insofar as you permit stories of passivity, reactivity, and fear to fill your mind unchallenged, you will watch your life repeat the same frustrating, unfortunate patterns.


Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created. You must establish and commit to a life purpose to experience the full potential of your creative power. Without it, you inevitably live an ambivalent, dispersed experience. Fulfillment is elusive because the object to be filled is never defined. You pour thousands of half-filled glasses of desire and interest. On the other hand, establish your life purpose and you will live the fulfillment of being the creator of your experience. 


Values are your most cherished life principles on which you base your decisions. Principles are tools to sort and evaluate opportunities. Life is full of opportunities and values provide the fundamental navigational tool to stay in alignment with your life purpose. Establishing a prioritized list of values is not easy. There are hundreds of meritorious values, and yet you inherently must choose some over others everyday as there’s only so much you can do in a day (and a life). And, finally, only a handful of values are necessary and critical to stay in alignment with your life purpose. These core values are your compass.