Todd Berger - Becoming a Creator Leader

Leading Creative Community

In this episode, Angelo interviews Co-founder and CEO of Ello, Todd Berger. Their unique conversation covers Todd's personal history from childhood to CEO of Ello, including:

  • elements of Todd's childhood that have most impacted him as an adult

  • the drive for change, tension, and being uncomfortable

  • the relationship between nature and art

  • the choice between the paths of artist and designer

  • the unexpected rise of Ello and Todd's reasons for pursuing it

  • the role of focus in the creative process

  • what young creatives most frequently ask Todd and his response

  • embracing failure and iteration in every aspect of life

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Todd's Bio and Links

Todd Berger is a Co-founder and the CEO of Ello, The Creators Network. He has spent the past 19 years practicing contemporary graphic design, conceptual art and brand strategy. Along with his business partner, Lucian, their design studio, Berger & Föhr is internationally recognized and they have extensively exhibited and published around the world.

Check out and to learn more about Todd and connect with him.

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