Karl Hebert - Spirit, Fear & Art

Karl Hebert

Getting vulnerable and real about {design} life

Angelo gets renowned graphic designer Karl Hebert to open up about his very personal reasons for getting into design, Karl's conflicts with being a designer, and the possibilities for a new frontier, including:

  • a Louisiana dad's encouragement to make money from drawing realistic pictures

  • when and why Karl began making original work

  • the critical role of Erykah Badu and Cee-lo

  • the dilemma of the courage to sell clients on something original

  • the key elements of the most creative teams

  • Karl's vision for the ideal creative team

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Karl's Bio and Links

Karl’s career has run the gamut from working on small start-up brands as a freelancer under the moniker ‘Gold Lunchbox’, to larger national projects at McGarrah Jessee in Austin, Texas. He is currently the Design Director at Hatch in San Francisco where he works on brands for Nestle, Hershey, but mostly on up and coming products looking to disrupt the category norms. Karl is a compulsive junk hoarder, type junkie, texture hound and has a hard time sitting still inside and out.

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