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Following the Creative Thread

Angelo acts out in his most immature and adolescent form to interview his buddy and world-class toy designer and now experiential creative Director, Galen McKamy. Galen gets real with Angelo about: 

  • how rollerblades inspired Galen's design career

  • how Galen's studies in sculpture led to industrial design and ultimately experiential design

  • the thread of Design Thinking that runs through everything Galen does

  • the importance of owning a point of view that opens the aperture of a client's ASK

  • the coolest project of Galen's career in Barcelona with Samsung while serving as Creative Director of Kid Robot

  • why Galen now builds goat hotels as his artistic passion project

  • the impact of fatherhood on his creative career, capacity for empathy, and leadership ability

  • how Topeka, Kansas and social worker parents affected Galen's worldview

  • the shift from seeking out new things to seeking out a new way of approaching and focusing on what's directly in front oneself

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Galen's Bio and Links

Galen McKamy is a Creative Director with 15+ years of design and marketing experience. He has been an in house leader at Mattel/ Fisher Price, Hasbro, and Kidrobot, as well as a consultant for companies such as Nike,Samsung, Mclaren, Marvel, Pixar, Disney, and Dreamworks.

Galen's background is in industrial design, but through the years his career has bled into many different ventures and opportunities.  His interest in culture, lifestyle and brands have led him to work for some of the worlds most creative companies.  In addition to product and brand creation, Galen is an illustrator and artist who has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally. Most recently, he has collaborated with music industry leaders like The Black Keys', Rhymesayers, and Aesop Rock, to create album and poster art, as well as music videos. 

Galen currently serves as Creative Director for Match Marketing Group, where he oversees campaigns and experiences for brands such as adidas, Diageo, Ford, Lincoln, Progressive Insurance and more. 

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