Get clear about what to do next with your life and career.


You may be successful and yet still struggle to go to the next level.

Does any of the following apply to you?

  • Lack specific ideas of what you want for your future

  • Don't have a clear sense of your life purpose

  • Get pushed along by what’s in front of you, your patterns, and obligations

  • Lack the ability to focus on what’s most important

  • Work on too many ideas at once

  • Feel too close to the facts and information of your life and can’t tell what’s really best for you

  • Can't clearly see your fears and emotional blocks

  • Suffer from analysis paralysis

  • Don't know how to break down your big visions into manageable short-term goals 

Get consulting for your life and career.

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I help high-performers uncover what they want most from life and build and execute plans to get it.

I will guide you to:

  • Refine your life purpose and core values

  • Develop a clear life vision 

  • Mind-map designs for each area of your life

  • Build a thorough ten-year, three-year, one-year and 90-day strategy and plan

  • Implement a sustainable system for maintaining momentum and focus


The uniqueness of my work lies in it how it integrates the emotional, intellectual, creative, pragmatic, and existential dimensions of our human experience. 

Why work with me?

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This is my life purpose—to help others uncover what they want most and make it reality. 

I've lived in Europe and India, started and grown successful companies, performed and recorded as a professional musician, and overcome multiple occasions of near-death trauma. But, more importantly...

I have created, and I continue to create, the life I really want. I'm happy and healthy. I'm deeply engaged with my work and creative pursuits. I'm loved by my family and community. 

This has taken time. I've been developing and practicing this work for two decades. I can help you achieve this much faster though by applying specific principles and practices that I've created over the years.

I guarantee my consulting will work for you. If it doesn't, I'll happily refund your money. The quality and value of this work is my life purpose. Not the money. 

Talented people trust Angelo...

Angelo has a natural ability to free you up to be your most inventive and productive self through helping you to break your thinking habits and imagine a bigger, better and brighter future and, more importantly, identify who might benefit from this ideal.
— Teresa Thieme (Corporate Development / Strategic Partnerships at SAP Success Factors)
Angelo’s knack for helping people make sense of their various issues and craft an executable plan of action is like no one else I’ve met.
— Karl Hebert (Design Director, Hatch)
Angelo reminds me that the creative fire of my earlier days is as important as ever today. His overall influence fuels my want of maintaining that fire, and each interaction with him adds more gasoline.
— Jason Dunn (Entrepreneur & Investment Manager)
Angelo brings the talent and sentiment of an artist, and combines that with a considerable set of chops honed by years as a business operator, to create a dynamic, inventive, and tremendously practical approach to strategic planning and business problem solving.
— William Raup (President & Chief Project Architect, The Sage Council: executive consulting group)