In the course, you will specifically develop and leave with the following:

  • Timeline of your remaining years on Earth

  • Clear, concise life purpose and core values

  • 10-year life vision that incorporates daily life, career, health, family, finances, any other important areas to you, and extra detail in high-value areas

  • Three-year vision

  • One-year vision

  • One-year objectives and sequenced quarterly strategy

  • 90-day action plan

  • First steps and plan for your first week

  • Simple process for consistently keeping vision and objectives in focus

  • A proven system for staying on track long term to continue learning about yourself and working to create the life most aligned with your deepest desires

  • Practical techniques to overcome fears and emotional blocks

  • Understanding and a development plan for where you’re strong and weak in the creative process


The course accomplishes this through:


  • Guided experiential activities

  • Creative exercise and visual representations

  • Role playing

  • Mind mapping

  • Strategic blocking methods